You could call us young and fresh, but the people who make up Indigo Talents have been in the local music industry for over a decade. We are professional musicians ourselves, who have come together with the common goal of seeing good talents strut their stuff on stage. As veterans in the music industry, our connections and network are wide as we work regularly with musicians and artistes from all genres and background.

Through our extensive contacts with musicians from around town, we hope that you will think of us when you plan to have entertainers for your next or upcoming event. Be it concert style or simply just background music, we urge you to look through our portfolio of musicians to see if there is one that suit your needs. And fret not. If you do not find one that meets your requirements, or if you are not certain about what to have at your event, kindly give us a call and we will be glad to provide you with free advice on other options and services. After all, we are event consultants and this is what we do.


The name Indigo Talents was born out of a deep love and respect for the class of beings known as Indigo Children. Indigo Children have great imaginative skills as well as an inclination for music and the arts. This is how we have come to link the name of our company to these beings. More information on this can be found online.

Our logo is seen as a person standing on stage with his arms outstretched as he receives his standing ovation before he takes a bow. This act is a familiar one to the artiste and musician who performs regularly on stage. It is also an insignia made out of the overlapping alphabets ‘i’ and ‘T’, the initials that make up the name Indigo Talents.